Welcome to the Kaffesalonen and Pavillon Bar on the Peblinge søen (Lake Pebling).

The Kaffesalon is the ideal place for you who like delicious café food and a cozy relaxed and rather casual hollyday like atmosphere.

With our central and splendid location next to, and on the Peblinge søen (Pebling Lake) in inner Copenhagen, we have a lot of visitors all year round.

In Kaffesalonens kitchen we care for quality, and our food is always made on fresh and delicious nutrients.

In Kaffesalonen you can enjoy solid and slightly refined quality from your morning coffee at 08.00 and for your good night drink at 24.00. (Saturday and Sunday 10:00 to 24:00).

During the day we serve breakfast, lunch, dinner dishes, coffee, tea and cakes for short and long breaks.

We strive to make Kaffesalonen a place where our guests always feel at home, daily confirmed by our  many happy regular customers.

Pavillon Bar
From Pavillon Bar on our large boat pier in Pebling Lake, we rent out waterbikes, and also provide guests at our picnic and coffee tables, with smoothies, coffee, beer, wine, ice cream and cakes.

Customers who have ordered food in Kaffesalonen, take place on the boat pier, and our sweet and fast waiters, carry the food down to the guests from the Kaffesalonen kitchen as soon as the food is prepared.

Pavillon Bar
has every evening, from
21:00 to 23:00
Happy Hour,

5 different global popular hollyday drinks…
– We serve two nice big drinks for the price of one..!


The Pavillon Bar floor.

We have modernized our cozy view, eating and sun pavilion floor on the Pebling Lake.

In good sunny weather, even in wind, rain, sludge and snow You are now well shielded and have a nice beautiful view all around the horizon.

In the Pavillon Bar we have approx. 100 seats plus approx. 20 extra sunbeds.

From the Pavillon Bar there is the view  to the shores of the small Peblinge lake, to Queen Louise’s Bridge to the east (Dronning Louises Bro), to Nørre Søgade towards the inner city and to the old ‘Søpavillon’ towards Vesterbro and Frederiksberg.

The Pavillon Bar has installed WI-FI so individuals or groups can meet and communicate while having a refreshment or meal.

Throughout the year you can order food at the counter in the Kaffesalonen across the street, and bring your coffee and drinks to our table at the Pavillon Bar, or in the summer to sunbath on the cushions on the Pavillon Bar‘s pontoons, – we will bring your food as soon it’s ready from our kitchen.

Year round,
– as soon as the weather permits,
– and there are people on the streets,
– we keep the
Pavillon Bar open.

In summer the Pavillon Bar is open from 10.00 to approx. 23.30.

In the Pavillon Bar we hope to host activities and events in the form of concerts, boat rentals and dance in cooperation with the Copenhageners.

During the Copenhagen Jazz Festival there is a great live jazz performance every night – have a look a the program at Facebook Kaffesalonen.


Kaffesalonen and Pavillon Bar are the pearls of Lake Pebling